The Wharf Terraces – Marina (Strata Plan 57624)

The Wharf Terraces has a 30 berth marina with berths ranging from approximately 13m to 25m. Use of the marina is for private purposes only and only occupants of the Wharf precinct are allowed to occupy the berths.

Access to the marina is via three entrance gates off the public promenade in front of The Wharf Terraces Residences. Marina access is secured so an access key must be used to enter and leave the marina which is available from building/marina management (see ‘Forms & Procedures’ section of this website). Public pick-up and drop-off from the marina is not available.

All new boats using the marina must be registered with building/marina management, the registration form is available on the ‘Forms & Procedures’ section of this website.

The concierge is available to assist boats berthing and departing from the marina.